Saltalpes-Trail. Follow The Salt's Tracks.

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Saltalpes-Trail. Follow The Salt's Tracks.

Follow the Salt's Track.

Bert Schwarz

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Salzalpensteig-Map Salzalpensteig

Dear Wanderlust: In spring of 2015 the Saltalpes-Trail was opened as a new hiking track. It streches for more than 233 km from Prien at Lake Chiemsee straight through the Chiemgau area and Berchtesgadener Land to the Austrian Obertraun at Lake Hallstatt at the foot of the Dachstein mountains.

Lake Chiemsee, Lake Königssee and Lake Hallstatt are the highlights of this unique landscape centred between alpine upland and high mountains. The route follows existing tracks mostly and at a moderate difficulty level.

The trail follows the old transport routes of the salt, the White Gold, as it was called. We follow those tracks ... riding an ebike.