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There simply is no way to tour Europe and not be awestruck by its scenic beauty, epic history and dazzling artistic and culinary diversity.

Europe’s almost unmanageable wealth of attractions is its biggest single draw: the birthplace of democracy in Athens, the Renaissance art of Florence, the graceful canals of Venice, the Napoleonic splendour of Paris, and the multilayered historical and cultural canvas of London. Once you dive into this continent, you're cought by wonder and fascination – plus something possibly unexpected: a sense of connection. Very few, if any places in the world, remain untouched by European history, culture and influence. There are hidden spots where you wonder if you are in France or in Germany or somwhere else on the globe.

Before you go...

These are the stories, suggestions and tips we collected during our journeys.

Out and about in Germany


Out and about in Germany

Prepare for a roller coaster of feasts, treats and temptations as you take in Germany's soul-stirring scenery, spirit-lifting culture, big-city beauties, romantic palaces and half-timbered towns.

There's something undeniably artistic in the way Germany's scenery unfolds – the corrugated, dune-fringed coasts of the north; the moody forests, romantic river valleys and vast vineyards of the centre, and the off-the-charts splendour of the Alps, carved into rugged glory by glaciers and the elements. All are integral parts of a magical natural matrix that's bound to give your camera batteries a workout. Get off the highway and into the great outdoors to soak up the epic landscapes that makes each delicious, slow, winding mile so precious

by Bert Schwarz

Travel to France


Travel to France

France seduces travellers with its unfalteringly familiar culture, woven around cafe terraces, village-square markets and lace-curtained bistros with their plat du jour chalked on the board. Food is of enormous importance to the French and the daily culinary agenda takes no prisoners: breakfasting on warm croissants from the boulangerie, stopping off at Parisian bistros, and market shopping are second nature to the French – and it would be rude to refuse. But French gastronomy goes far deeper than just eating exceedingly well. Its experiential nature means there is always something tasty to observe, learn and try. Be it flipping crêpes in Brittany or chinking champagne flutes in ancient Reims cellars, the culinary opportunities are endless.

by François Rauch

Reisen nach Oesterreich

Lifestyle & Beauty

The World of Perfume

Perfumes and their uses go far back in time and follow the rise of civilisations. The first objects considered to be perfume or cosmetics jars are from the Middle East and date to about 7000 BC. Elegant and finely decorated, they are undoubtedly luxury items reserved for an elite; they can be found throughout the Mediterranean area. These civilisations used various fragrant materials, especially resins.

von Bert Schwarz

Dream Journey

Dream Journey

Italy's Most Beautiful Corners

Italy is an extraordinary feast of heart-thumping, soul-stirring art, food and landscapes rivalled by few and coveted by millions.

by Bert Schwarz

News-Desk - check-in

No matter if international hotel chains, some cosy boutique hotels or camp grounds: here you're gonna find our stories and impressions gathered at the respective places. Authentic and subjective, just like we have met them.

And we tell you about restaurants we visited. Of course our stories will be updated if and when we returned.


Find yourself in the middle of what you can image of history, leasure, family affair, and some news-coverage.

Hier dreht sich alles um die schönen Dinge, die das Leben schöner und 
                interessanter machen: Exklusive oder interessante Themen, die nicht teuer sein müssen, stellen wir vor, oder verraten angesagteste Reise-Trends.


All That's Fun

"All That's Fun." The name is programme. In this section of everything's about the precious things which can make life nices or more interesting. presents exclusive and appealing issues which do not have to be expensive, or we disclose the most intriguing destination-trends. For all who love wining & dining we tell about places we liked - from the basics to whatever we could afford.

by red-tvi


Page Turner

Follow The Salt's Tracks.

Dear Wanderlust: In spring of 2015 the Saltalpes-Trail was opened as a new hiking track. It streches for more than 233 km from Prien at Lake Chiemsee straight through the Chiemgau area and Berchtesgadener Land to the Austrian Obertraun at Lake Hallstatt at the foot of the Dachstein mountains.

At Lake Chiemsee, Lake Königssee and Lake Hallstatt are once-in-a-lifetime views waiting. The trail follows the old pipeline- routes and we follow those tracks ... riding an ebike.

by Bert Schwarz


Active & Culture

River Moselle
A European Journey

River Moselle flows through France, crosses Luxemburg and makes its way through Germany towards River Rhine along pitoresque, midevial places and dizzy slopes covered by grapes.

The river meanders from one place to another and holds sight to fairy tale castles and fortresses which had been destroyed during long gone battles or had been restored and kept with passion. Restaurants offering local wine or villages which seemed to be glued to the rocks are waiting behind every bend of the river we follow.

by red-tvi

German Wineroad

Spoiler Alarm

The German Wineroad
A Culinary Journey.

Rolling hills covered with vines, lush orchards, the Palatinate Forest with quiet valleys and gargling creeks and a mediterranean microclimate - those are the key facts about the German Wineroad. Germany's first touristical road covering wine as an issue starts near Worms in the north and ends about 85 kms away in the south at (or just behind) the French border in Schweigen, resp. Wissembourg.

The picturesque villages invite to drive slowly or to get out and have a nice walkabout.

by red-tvi-d